Tobacco cultivation


Modern agriculture is a synergy of tradition, experience and the latest knowledge.

Our agronomists work together with farmers to achieve mutual success. Expert care and proper crop care help produce tobacco of the highest grades. We also support local producers by distributing fertilisers and plant protection products.

Tobacco purchasing


Every year, the number of contracted farms from which we directly purchase tobacco increases.

During purchase, our experts evaluate the leaves for colour, tier, structure, size, elasticity and moisture content. This detailed classification of the tobacco helps us to guarantee the highest quality of the final product. The sorting and quality classification of the leaves is done according to international standards.

Tobacco production


Our products reflect the needs of our customers.

By processing tobacco on our production lines, we can prepare it according to the customer’s specifications. We take into account parameters such as sugar content, nicotine content, moisture content, absorption, colour, quality, stem share or fraction size. The quality and homogeneity of the final product is closely monitored in the laboratory where all the above parameters are checked in detail. Tested, stabilised and properly packed tobacco reaches our warehouse, where it safely awaits delivery to customers.

Warehouse and logistics


Our logistics department will handle any order with no delay

We will prepare the shipping documents according to your instructions. We will dispatch your product directly from our secure, phytosanitary-approved warehouses. Thanks to our fumigation chambers, the product prepared for transport will be completely pest-free.