Lukowa Tobacco has been involved in the cultivation of tobacco for generations. With great care and accuracy, we care about the fertilization of tobacco and the supply of the right amount of micronutrients. We strive to meet all soil and climate requirements that will contribute to a fruitful harvest of tobacco. We also attach a special role to the harvest of tobacco, which occurswhen the tobacco leaves leave the stem. Many years of experience in growing tobacco allows us to collect tobacco at the right time, because we know from experience that too quickly collected tobacco has no desired ingredients, while collected too late – loses on the quality of raw material, because its leaves are then empty and light.

What distinguishes us in the cultivation of tobacco?

  • our many years of experience;
  • diligence and accuracy in the fertilization and delivery of micronutrients;
  • meeting all soil and climatic requirements;
  • the right harvest time.