We Produce Tobacco In Four Variants

We offer our customers tobacco with a characteristic bright lemon color, high sugar content (from 25 to 30%) and low level of nicotine (from 0.8 to 1.5%). Thanks to these properties of Virginia tobacco raised in Poland is perfectly suited for the production of molasses for smoking and mainly used as a water pipe tobacco (shisha). Biggest advantage of our strip tobacco is its unchanged high standard.


Our company is focused on ensuring supply, processing and packaging of top-quality tobacco leaves.

Top Quality Tobacco

We pay attention to constantly improve the level of our products and also our friendly and professional service.

The high quality of our products is our greatest value, which is why we particularly care about the proper functioning of the Quality Control Department, which – closely cooperating with the production division – controls the standard of products going to the warehouse every day, and then – to customers.

Packaging Tobacco

The tobacco is packed in C-48 cartons weighing 200 kgs, and then stored in tobacco-relevant, monitored warehouses.

We guarantee our existing customers that the tobacco reaching their plants has the highest quality, while we are able to offer our new customers products that meet their individual needs.