We specialise in the production of tobacco for water pipes. Our products have a very low proportion of stem and are characterised by high molasses absorption, which is extremely important for our customers and shisha producers.

Tobacco Strips

Virginia (FCV) tobacco

Threshed Virginia tobacco has a light lemon colour, high sugar content and low nicotine levels making it ideal for shisha.

Burley tobacco

Dark Burley is characterised by a darker colour, stronger aroma and a higher nicotine content. It is an important ingredient in tobacco blends.

Dark Fire Cured (DFC) tobacco

Dark Fire Cured tobacco is cured using wood smoke to give a strong, deep aroma of smoke and wood. Its addition will enrich any tobacco blend.

Tobacco loose leaf

We offer loose leaf packed in C48 cartons of 150 kg, stabilised to a moisture level of 14%-15%.

Tobacco blend

We also produce a Virginia, Burley and Oriental flavoured tobacco blend with a moisture content of 16-17%. Packed in C48 cartons of 150 kg.

Tobacco stem

We offer dry tobacco stem obtained from the processing of tobacco leaves. Packed in C48 boxes of 200 kg.