In Lukowa Tobacco we care about the appropriate and conscious implementation of the entire production process of raw tobacco in accordance with the principles of integrated plant protection, which allows us to obtain high quality tobacco while minimizing the impact on the natural environment.

Lukowa Tobacco strives to satisfy the needs of every most demanding customer.



Over a dozen years of experience in the tobacco industry has taught us how important is the development of products through continuous improvement of recipes, improving the qualifications of employees and seeking solutions offered by modern technologies. That is why tobacco produced by Lukow Tobacco is perfect for water pipes. A perfectly matched blend of the highest quality tobacco of our production and the composition of the original aromas will create a product of ideal water pipes.

It should also be pointed out that our tobacco is characterized by a bright lemon color, high sugar content (25-30%) and low level of nicotine (0.8-1.5%). It is therefore particularly desirable by tobacco pipe manufacturers and is best suited for this application. This is evidenced by satisfied customers from many countries, such as Egypt, Turkey, Jordan or the United Arab Emirates, who are eager to come back to us, convinced by the high standard of our services.